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15 February 2011 @ 01:14 am
Dramaklok w/ Dethsims  
So this is my first entry in the community, and my first sims upload evurr. You can probably expect some more of this along with art (I've been drawing a shit ton of Metalocalypse stuff lately, just gotta hunt down a scanner...) and random music vids. It's been a joy lurking, but being a notable nuisance will be fun, too. <3


I CALL SHENANIGANS! My Pickles' favorite hobby is dancing around in his undies in other people's rooms. I made him get dressed earlier today, tho.

haha, denied
Unfortunately Nathan was trying to sleep and is NOT having any of this shit.
Nathan: Your gayness is keeping me awake. >B| gtfo.
Pickles: D= My tunes!

For some reason my Skwisgaar has this depraved need to play his guitar outside.
the neighborhood children were never the same...
this is why the neighbors never visit
Skwisgaar: De birds dont's has no goods metal to listens to. Or de neighbors, for dat matter.

Toki's not about to be out-weirdo'd by Skwisgaar...
not suspicious at all
This is going to end well. I can tell.
holy cats!
Toki: RAWR, motherfucker!
Skwisgaar: Mother of Odin! What the fucks is wrong wid you!?

Don't worry, Skwis. Toki's about two seconds away from being banned from the kitchen forever.


Anyways! So after a few days of getting to know one another some DRAMANTIC storylines are budding.

Firstly! Toki is smitten with Chickles:

& Chickles is cool with it (despite the fact that two days ago she was mackin' on Nathan). And even though he likes her, for some reason he gets this worrysome look on his face when she's being sweet with him:

Toki: You wonts be stealings my soul now, right?

And eventually they have their first kiss.
you wins a toki!

But life is not all love and sparkles and rainbow turds.
Turns out Chickles and Ladyface don't get along.

Skwisgaar doesn't seem TOO upset... Unlike Chickles, who's making the greatest 'fuck-you-and-the-horse-you-rode-in-on' face ever.

so i hurd u lyke guitars?
After the spat, Skwisgaar does the only thing he can think of do soothe ruffled feathers and hits on Chickles while Ladyface takes out her aggression on the toilet. Chickles (unsurprisingly) doesn't mind the attention.

Toki seems to have competition. ...or does he?

The next day Chickles and Ladyface set aside their differences and join Murderface for some hardcore cooking channel action.

Ladyface: Schut the fuck up, fat assch! I'm learning to flambe.
Chickles: Yeah, you stuff that breast, baby. Mama likes!~
Murderface: WHAT did you say you ugly bitcsh!? My commentary isch the only thing that makesch thisch schit intereschting!

They go about like this for awhile, but eventually Chickles decides to hit up Toki and leaves the room. Then suddenly...

A wild Skwisgaar appears!

Skwisgaar uses FLIRT. It's super effective!

They take it to the dining room where Ladyface is only happy to work out those kinks. ;)

Murderface enters (to perform his nightly duty of licking the dishes clean) just in time to see Ladyface devour Skwisgaar's face in a horrifying display of female depravity.

Stunned and disgusted...but not enough to stop polishing off those day-old crumbs!

Things take an interesting turn a few minutes later, when Skwisgaar tries to take the lead.

Ladyface: Ha, ha, nope.

Flabbergasted and royally ticked, Skwisgaar decides to head to bed.

Surprise! It's Toki!
Skwisgaar: FUUUUUUU-

Skwisgaar; *RAEGEZ*

Chickles comes and retrieves the bed intruder.

Skiwsgaar is still upset the next day, and decides to make himself feel better by venting his frustrations to Pickles.

...which leads to some round-about political flirting? It must be Pickles' kick-ass swim trunks. In any case, Ladyface does not approve.
Skwisgaar and Ladyface leave and Pickles is left with a lot on his mind....;)

Skwisgaar confronts Ladyface.

Ladyface: Ew, handsch off, pal!

Needless to say, it doesn't go well. So Skwisgaar runs off to his bathroom to cry like a pussy. Nathan (who was nearby) decides to come check out the waterworks. ...literally, since Skwis' tub is kaputt. However, Swkisgaar ruins it by bitching to him about Ladyface.

Skwisgaar: *bitch bitch bitch bitch*

A bro-hug will fix everything...except the tub, which is still shooting out a shit ton of water but...you know, whatever.

They take the chat to Nathan's room (where there's considerably less water from both appliances and people alike). Toki accidentally crashes the party while washing dishes in Nathan's bathroom sink. He wastes no time hijacking the conversation, thus procuring Nathan's attention just to piss Skwisgaar off.

Skwisgaar: Fucks dis, I'm goings to get laid.

Apparently, Toki has the same idea....
Skwisgaar: Stops copies me! >:o

But, alas...

Nathan: Sorry. Can't fuck on an empty stomach.
Toki: D:<

Aha, anti-climatic ending, eh? But that's enough for now.

Bathroom Bonus Features!

Nathan: Damn you're hot when you're throwing a bitch fit. P: DAT ASS. plz.

...brought to you without comment.

Brushing your teeth: YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG.

Skwisgaar: HURP DERP

I knows! Let's bother Nathan! :D

Nathan: Hey....HEY!! Jesus. Can you n00bz just STFU!? I'm trying to level up here, fuckers!

And finally this ungodly large entry is over. Looking forward to MOAR?
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