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11 February 2011 @ 10:50 am
Hoshit, there's a journal here.  
So. Uhh.... Yeah. It's been a few...years. Whatever. Apparently decided to become a lurker, a creeper of internet society. And that's been all well and good, but it occurred to me that if anyone decided to poke around in here all they'd find is a bunch of ancient shit. So I'm remedying that. Weird word. Remedying. Re-me-dying. Like zombies.

I'm here to zombiefy.

So! Personal updates: In college now. It's all well and dandy, for the most part. Pretty dull classes, though World Regional Geography and Cultural Anthropology have been a hoot. SPEAKING OF HOOTS. Legend of the Guardians is one of my favorite movies now. I swear to all that is magical and beautiful if my life were a movie Zach Snyder would direct it. He's directed three of my favorite movies including 300!, my all-time eyegasm. But not Moulin Rouge! (my other 'gasmmaker), which sucks because he would have managed to make one of the more visually stunning films I've seen EPIC. He made owls epic (though they were pretty BAMFs, anyway) he can make the all-singing, all-dancing creme-de-la-creme of the musical world epic, too.

Also! As far as the nerd side of me goes: new indulgences. Metalocalypse, for one. A WEE bit late jumping on this one here, but I think my crushing love has managed to make up for my tardiness. Also, Glee is pretty sweet. Waffled around in this fandom for a while, though now I mostly just enjoy the show by itself, and downloading its music. I've been sucked into the Axis Powers: Hetalia craze thanks to the amazing fanworks. The actual show/comic itself is pretty amusing for the historical/stereotypecharacterization lolz, and while the fans are...uhh...less than enjoyable, the stuff they create with their madness is really, really good. It's one of those rare instances where I like the fanwork more than the actual series. XD

Ok. Fuck. I've typed enough. This journal will probably fill up with Metalocalypse fantardness and three years from now you'll get another entry like this one, nulling my past obsessions and vomiting up new ones. It's the circle of life.
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Current Music: "Monster (remix)" Meg and Dia