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20 April 2008 @ 09:14 pm
...Zoo? WTF!?  
Okay, so yesterday I went to Jabu's birthday party (so much fun chillin' with mah homies). It was everything Jabu's parties always are: random, innuendo, guitar hero, anime, karaoke-filled madness. Which, of course, = awesome. She got a banana. A real live banana, for a present. Hee... Anywayz, spent the night there on the couch. >.o Not so much fun, got a huge crick in neck and bird started squawking at six in the morning. Wanted to throw marker at it, but it shut up before I could.

I'll take a potato chip...and, and EAT IT!!!!!! :OOOOOOO

So on the way home I'm texting my mom, seeing where she is (since, of course, she wouldn't be at home like normal mothers). Turns out she's at some place in Plymouth or something. I ask if my sister's still home alone and she texted me back this, exactly:

ya. u want 2 go 2 the zoo?

I was like:

...uh, k?

And so as soon as I got home from spending the night I get whisked away to the Como Zoo for some good-old animal viewing. We walked around for three hours. Most of the animals were still in their winter enclosures, so the view wasn't spectacular and it was HOT AS HELL indoors, but still.

We come to the Hooved African Animal house and go inside to see the Zebra and giraffes. My sister calls then to talk to my mom, so me and my mom's boyfriend John are watching the giraffes until she comes back in (she left to talk outside, since it was loud in there). There was one younger male giraffe and one older male giraffe; they're standing side-by-side, hitting each other with their heads and rubbing their necks, the crowd was all: aww. Then the little teenage boy giraffe gets all excited and tries to hump the older male giraffe, the crowd was all: OMG!!! XD It was hilarious.

But that wasn't the only homosexual-esqe thing that happened, no, on the way home at a red light two men were stopped next to us on a tiny red scooter, the one on the back hugging the one in the front and looking sooo embarrassed.

But it was cute.

Of course, my wonderful, exauhsting day doesn't end there. When I get home I go for another 3-hour walk with my doggie, Jackson (like I was supposed to do yesterday but never did...ya, nothing on that list got done. >.>;;) and my friend Cowah and her dog Amber. Twas fun.

But I've talked enough.
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